In this guide, I am analyzing the process of making from scratch a fully functional SYN port scanner. The process goes through many different aspects of network security such as:

--Raw Sockets
--Tcp/ip header analysis
--The Syn Scanning itself

Full source included.
I am waiting for feedback.


No responses but 80+ views ? strange ....

Maybe nobody wants to download it...

Judging a book by it's cover ?

Yeah. rapidshare looks kind of sketchy and I don't want to click any of those links to download your file. :)

I would post it in the forum, if the formatting wasn't lost.

ok posted as an attachment if clicking on 2 links more was so much trouble...

That's better. Clicking 2 links more that I don't trust _was_ too much trouble.

ok. but isn't generally considered untrustworthy at all. many people use to share files across the net. now if the file was sth of executable nature i would understand ur concern.

but isn't generally considered untrustworthy at all.

If I'm not comfortable using it, I won't. Simple. You don't need to understand my concern to respect it. :)

The file looks well written, but it'll take me a while to understand it.