So today was the first day of class, and I started it as I did last year: by logging in all students as admin temporarily, then having them drag over the installer from the network and running it, then logging off.

It's slightly insecure, but the class is for beginners, so...

Anyways, the 2.4 installer had a nifty "install for all users" option. Not so for the 2.5 installer. Lo and behold, when my students logged out as admin and then logged in as themselves, Python was not apparently installed.

Eventually, I found that they could run the installer *again* as themselves, overwriting the files, and Python would admit to being installed.

That's really klutzy, though. It means (apparently) that each student will have to reinstall Python every time he or she changes machines, until finally all students in the lab have installed Python on all machines in the lab, clobbering dozens of installs in the process and wasting a whole lot of time.

What's the right way to do this with the Python 2.5 installer?


Re: Python 2.5 install weirdness 80 80

My totally uneducated guess is that the Python folks switched to an installer made for Vista. Vista has a whole set of rather childish security traps.

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