This is my first post here, so i hope i can get some help, i've been searching for help on this for a while. I'd imaging that this isnt a very hard thing to do but, i'm a bit new to C# programming, and thought that maybe someone here could help me. I'll explain what i want to do.

Basically what i want to do, is be able to login to something like yahoo mail or any other website with a logon form that i create in C#. So what i would have is a form with a Username textbox and a Password textbox, and i would want it to send that information to their login page. Then when they click submit on the form that i created, it sends that information, and takes you to your inbox.

I don't know how hard or simple this would be to do. I know how to create the form and everything and add System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(@"website") to launch the website but i just dont know how to make it send that information in to the login form and then submit it without acutaly being on their website.

Let me know if i wasnt clear on anything. Really appreciate any help on this :)


I might be wrong but I think you cannot do this unless the specific website you want to submit your form to allows you...

That is if you search their API documentation you should find a section talking about automating login to their website... if you don't, then I think you can't...

Cheers :)