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Here is what you can do.
Put a textbox on a form. And then place a listview control below. Now write the search code on the keydown of the textbox to show the results in the listview control below.


I think you mean is the combo box but not the combo box in the default given. just go to the components then check the Microsoft Windows Components (I think it is sorry no VB here in the cafe) if you can see the combobox then thats it. what you have to do is to load the data from the database to that combobox then when put an entry on that combobox it will give you a suggestions.
hope it would help. if you still don't get it just give me a buzz


I don't mean combobox. List view gives more control over how you want to represent the data. It is best suited when you need custom format for your data. Its can act as a auto-complete solution.

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