Here are two sample tables of information which are used by a high school to keep track of the grades for its students. One table contains the names and addresses of the students, together with a student ID number. The second table contains the class name and class ID number, together with the student ID number and the grade for that student for that class. If the student did not take the class, the class grade is left empty. To list the grades for all the courses taken by a student, you have to use the Student table to get the name of the student and the Student ID, and then use the Student ID to look in the Class table to find the classes for which this student has a grade.

Student ID
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Zip Code
Class ID
Student ID
Semester(Fall, Spring)

Business Report Needed:
List the students by name and their grades for all classes taken in the Fall semester of last year.

Question For You To Answer:
Which lines of the tables are needed to get the information for the business report? Use the tables above. Tick the box next to each line of information which is needed.