Hi Everybody,

I need your help to solve a problem. We are developing CAD software. The software was working fine. It is developed using Visual C++.Net on Visual Studio 2003. However, we had to make it Unicode enabled. The minute we defined "UNICODE" and "_UNICODE" in Project Properties (C/C++ -->Preprocessor) we are getting "error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol". The complete list is attached.

Can anybody help us how to fix this error?

Thank you in advance.


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Although you didn't attach the list it is obvious that the error message means you are now linking to the wrong libraries. You need unicode version of the libraries from wherever you got the non-unicode libs.

Thanks for the quick reply. We were guessing precisely that. But we did not have Unicode libs.

I may have made mistake in attaching the error list because I attached it but since it is first time I might have made some mistake somewhere.

Thanks a lot. We are working on your suggestion.


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