Hi. First i want to say taht I'm relly glad I found site like this. I LIKE IT!:)
I'm noob in vb. I'm trying to work in vb6.0. i have some ideas like: creating some picture catalog, or making a game, i'm intersted in animcion...But my cnolege in vb is so poor, like books that i have. I need some help, and i hope some one will be so kind to help me to try to understand codes and create anything like game, or animacion... I just want to get in with codes to understood them. 'Cause I have plant of idea what can I do but I know only the basic things of this language. Help pls?:(

so what kind of help do you need?

To Start with try to play around with shapes and lines and create a loop.

Well can i get some 'basic' codes. Or some good easy link?

google this "vbhelper" and go through the site. it will be of good use.

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