Hey, i am practicing in this book sample, it says i can rewrite my code for determining the highest value in my 3 input. the commented part is working perfectly (Line 19, 26), it can return the highest value...

but when i try to rewrite it using the Math.max method, it only return the second highest number, not the highest on the 3..=/

the logic is right? right?
the inner max is evaluated first then the result will be compared to the n1 variable...

return Math.max(n1,Math.max(n2,n3));

import java.util.Scanner;

public class MaximumFinder
	public void determineMaximumValue()
		Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);

		System.out.print("Enter 3 float variable in spaces: ");
		double num1 = scan.nextDouble();
		double num2 = scan.nextDouble();
		double num3 = scan.nextDouble();
		System.out.println("The maximum value is: " + maximum(num1,num2,num2));
	public double  maximum(double n1, double n2, double n3)
/*		double maxValue = n1;
		if(n2 > maxValue)
			maxValue = n2;
		if(n3 > maxValue)
			maxValue = n3;
		return maxValue; */
		return Math.max(n1,Math.max(n2,n3));
	public static void main(String args[])
		MaximumFinder mf = new MaximumFinder();


uhm..sorry for the trouble, but can someone tell what's wrong? =/

> the commented part is working perfectly (Line 19, 26), it can return the highest value...

Is it? If I remember correctly, finding the maximum of three numbers using only if statements is quite tricky. Or was that sorting using only if statements. wait i think it was sorting, you may be right.

>return Math.max(n1,Math.max(n2,n3));

What happens if you break that down.

int one = 0;
int two = 0;

one = Math.max(n2,n3);

two = Math.max(n1,one);

return two;

Does that make any difference?

i've tried to break it down before, like that (note that im using a double)

double maxValue;
maxValue = Math.max(n2,n3);
return Math.max(n1,maxValue);

i can't say no, the output is innacurate in some point..like

Enter 3 float variable in spaces: 80.5 80.1 80.3
The maximum value is: 80.5

Process completed.

the output is right but this one..

Enter 3 float variable in spaces: 70.5 75.5 80.1
The maximum value is: 75.5

Process completed.

i think the compiler doesn't understand me =/ (lol) or it's just i dont understand the prob...

any idea anyone?


commented: Ah, the classic typo. +4


Classic typo. And isn't it grand! ;-)

I hazard to guess, that it is a little embarrassing to have it come this far before being found, though.

waa..it's most embarrassing on my part..i always concentrate on the maximum method...i forgot the first part...so sorry for the trouble. =/ it's working now...