i have a jtextpane now, i want that some text on it become bold, and not all

how can i possibly do this,
for exmple, i want to bold all the word "cool" found in my textpane..

i know that i should use a DocumentListener(Do I need??)

but i really want to know how to bold certain word found in my textpane, in this case
the word

thanks for helping..
this is my code so far, and i dont know what to do

JTextPane JTP;
		StyledDocument dsd=new DefaultStyledDocument();
		SimpleAttributeSet a=new SimpleAttributeSet();
		catch(Exception e)
		JTP=new JTextPane(dsd);
		getContentPane().add(new JScrollPane(JTP));

thanks for tht n=but i have got another better method..

Would be nice that you share it with others then...

thanks for tht n=but i have got another better method..

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