I am relatively new to C# Express and have created an app that builds & runs fine. But when I try to publish it, I get the following messages:

1)Cannot publish because a project failed to build.

2)SignTool reported an error 'Failed to sign bin\Release\TeacherCSharp.publish\\setup.exe. SignTool Error: Signtool requires CAPICOM version or higher. Please
copy the latest version of CAPICOM.dll into the directory that contains
SignTool.exe. If CAPICOM.dll exists, you may not have proper
permissions to install CAPICOM.

SignTool is in the Bin/bin directory and so is CAPICOM version I have full permissions on both.

Pleeeese help!!!!


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1- Cannot publish because a project failed to build.
that's mean you have syntax error(s) check it

2- Copy the dll to release folder not debug folder.

if you've problems, send me again

Thank you so much for responding quickly.

When I do a Build by itself, no errors are generated. I get a Build Successful msg. Why and where are the errors if it doesn't Build during a Publish?

Also, I took the files out of the Debug folder and put them in the Release folder. But got the same messages again.

Other suggestions??


be ware you may set your project to ignore errors, I did sample project and published it, it published successfully without any errors, so check another edition of VS

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