How to make numbering in visual basic data report?

I create listing report in Visual Basic Data Report. My report works fine. The report can optionaly print by each category like : Department, Position, Lastname, Name etc..

My program print like this:

Employee number employee name Position
S-1 Emmanuel Technician
S-34 Babu Technician

I try to make output should be like this:

No. Employee number employee name Position
1 S-1 Emmanuel Technician
50 S-34 Babu Technician

I want to add numbering. First I try to add field for the numbering but the number do not match when i choose other Printing option.

Is the command .recordcount can call in data report or there is any option for numbering in data report?

Anybody can help me.

thankyou in advance

just an idea, first make another table and named it as printTable and add field for the numbering and make it autonumber. the result of your query for that report put it in printTable then Im sure the numbering will be fine. after closing the report delete all the data in the printTable.... hehehehehe