hi all.

Please help me ....

Currently im working wid a bank project in .net....... !!!

so please reply me wid .. the basic thing that are needed for developing a project like that.

please reply me .... !!!

give me sugestions ... regarding the

different acount types
how to connect the different account types to the user
How to do the giving Loan part...

i dnt wont any codes regarding that.. only some advise .... !!

please help...

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>>different acount types
like checking, savings, loans, mortgages, certificates, etc ?

>>how to connect the different account types to the user
You have that backwards -- connect users to account types. Each user has one or more account types, for example I have a checking account and a savings account. Then given an account type you can find all the users. This is a simple and frequently used type problem in real-life programming, normally database programming, and useful in thousands of situations.

For a simple program like you need to write I think you can do it with linked lists instead of databases, unless of course you are in a database class. Create a linked list for each account type that you want. Then a structure or c++ class that contains all the information for one user that you can attached to that linked list.

>>How to do the giving Loan part
Ask how much money to loan, allocate memory for a new node to be inserted into the linked list mentioned above.

thnx...!!! for some good adwise...!!!

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