Hi all i was wondering wheather someone could explain how i would extract the string data in bold from the xml line bellow?




I am using an xReader to read the file in another program but the structure is very different, the code i use for the other app us bellow. could someone please direct me in how i should change this code to suit the current xml, i will need to put 54.28,-8.48 from above into 2 seperate variables as i loop through the lines.

Any help would be great many thanks

Dim Country as String
Dim RefPosLat As Double
Dim RefPosLong As Double
Name = xReader.GetAttribute("id").Split(",")(1)
Dim trStr As String = Name.Trim()
RefPosLat = xReader.ReadElementContentAsDouble
Catch ex As Exception
RefPosLat = CDbl("0.0000000000")
End Try
RefPosLong = xReader.ReadElementContentAsDouble
Catch ex As Exception
RefPosLong = CDbl("0.000000000")
End Try


Try Using Dataset, Datatable and DataRows

Dim SQLds As New DataSet
Dim SQLTable As New DataTable
Dim SQLRow As DataRow


SQLTable = SQLds.Tables(0)
For Each SQLRow In SQLTable.Rows[INDENT]Variable = SQLRow("name").tostring
Variable = SQLRow("size").tostring
Variable = SQLRow("loc").tostring