I'm working on a small program that i'd like to deploy using java webstart. I have everything working but when I launch the program using webstart/jnlp, a statusbar is added to it (see attachment) which says "Java Application Window". It's not there when i run the app locally.

Any idea how to disable/remove this extra statusbar?


You can't disable that. It's a security feature to distinguish windows launched from Webstart (or applets) from windows launched from standalone applications.
This was originally invented to prevent criminals from launching popups from hidden applets on websites made to look like message boxes from the browser and have people enter sensitive information in them which is then sent back to the owners of the applet.

Makes sense. How then is the application different below?

It launches an app via webstart and doesn't have the statusbar that we are referring to. Is it because it has a cert that you accept when it launches the first time?