I've got a real stupid question. I haven't used vb in a while and am a little rusty.

I want to lock a panel to a window so when the window grows so does the panel etc. or image whatever

where can this be found..im using 2005...I'm sure it used to come up as 5 boxes where you could click on something..(?) but i can't find it anywhere!

Please help..it's stopping me from going further.

I don't uderstand you well but I think you can play with control properties Docking and Anchor

Yeah I think I got confused also..but I was referring to the docking...but i've tried that and it doesn't do what I want.

so I'll ask this...
Is there control that can make an image re-size as the window re-sizes or would I have to code this...if so, could you remind me? How do i refer to the windows edges?

I didn't realise how bad at vb I've gotten :S

u don't need code anymore
but anyway if you want to write code in form resize event make height and width of the control == the height and width of the form.

you can solve this by anchor property

Thanks :D I got it in the end, but your example will help me in making it re-size the way I want it too