If there is a file created and stored in a class:

void setLogFile(File LogFile){
    File getLogFile(){
        return LogFile;

and the FormattedWriter is created in another class and it's constructor calls super.
Why won't this work?

FormattedWriter out = new FormattedWriter(new FileWriter(getLogFile(),true));

What does super have to do with anything here?

Also, it might help to know what error you're getting.

lol Dont worry about that. I figured it out .

datz great.... if you could post what have u figured out, it can be a good reference for future... :)

Throughout the duration of the program getters and setters were used to create and store primitives and objects such as files. The objective of the program was writing different files.It was then time to simply pass the data members as arguments to the methods in different classes that contained the file writers.