anybody here who could teach me how..or the function on printing an output file in linked list..

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Unfortunately your post is quite vague. Do you want to print the contents of a linked list somewhere (screen, output file, printer, other) or do you want to store the contents of a file in a linked list and then print that somewhere?

Sorry for that. Anyway, i want it to be print directly. Printer.

Still too vague. Printing is system dependent, and sometimes hardware dependent. You can try opening a file to "LPT1", or "PRN", and pray that it works. Otherwise, tell us your OS and compiler so that we can give you more specific help.

Windows xp. and im using the old dos compiler. Its like this, im making a linked list program. about employee. in the menu there are choices.. like, Insert new value, serach.. view list, update. i wanna add the print output.

Try my first suggestion. It's vastly simpler than the Win32 option. Since you're using a dinosaur compiler, you might also have stdprn available. For example:

#include <stdio.h>

for ( it = head; it != NULL; it = it->next )
  fprintf ( stdprn, "%d\n", it->data );