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HiHow to Export data from Dataset to Excel sheet in Windows Application
and also How to convert Excel Sheets into Data set Using coding(Windows Application)

how to Convert Dataset into XL Sheet to the Windows Application only by using the default resource(dll) available in

ie without need to add Office Primary Interop Assemblies of the Microsoft Excel 2003 or without the need for installing the Microsoft Office.

We are developing a Product using (Windows Application). After Developing the Product , we need to install it in different Location which may or may not have Microsoft office.
So is it possible to write coding in to convert a data set into Excel sheet & vice versa by using the Normal features of instead of the need to Install Microsoft Office in the Client System adding reference to PIA in the Application

The Below are some method/ideas by which data set con be converted into Excel Sheet but it is not suitable for our company.
so we are searching
for another Idea / Method which does not require the installation of Microsoft Office

Method 1:
One way is to Office Primary Interop Assemblies in the Microsoft Excel 2003.
1) By adding .net Programmability Support to the Microsoft Excel 2003.

2) When you want to use the Excel 2003 PIAs in a .NET-based application, add a reference to them in the Add Reference dialog box of Visual Studio .NET.
3) Once you add this reference, you can manipulate the Excel COM objects as though they were native .NET-based assemblies.
4) Coding can be Used to Convert the Dataset into XL Sheets.
Refer :

few other methods are

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