Hello can some one say how to use tracing in turbo c and to show the trace like we do manully is their any function how do watch options work plz say me i am a student and beginner in c guys help me experts professional and any one plz

I can think of a few definitions for "trace". Can you be more specific?

i wil try any hpw thanks for saying friend

look for options in the "debug" menu box. you will find watches. ie you can actually see the value of the variables while you are tracing the program. you can trace the program using the F7 or F8 key.
thank you

You may use F7 ( if you want to trace each and every step) or F8 ( if you want to jump the calling functions ) or position your courser to the place from where you want to trace the program select Go to courser from RUN then use F7 or F8 as per your convenience.

You may apply watch to the variables (to know the value they are holding) by selecting watches then Add watch from debug menu. Use Inspect for arrays.