a) A large city has a number of colleges which offer a number of courses. A course may be offered
by a number of colleges but the course fee varies between them. In order to help a user to make
a decision, a program is needed to provide the following services:
• Given a course name, display a list of those colleges which offer that course and the course
• Given a college name, list all the courses available in that college and their corresponding
b) In order to provide more functionality, the program developed in a) is to be extended to provide
the following additional services:
• To enable a college to add a new course to its list of courses
• To enable a college to remove a course from its list of courses
• To enable a new college and its new courses to be created
• To write all the objects (colleges) which are kept in a linked list onto a binary file
Design, implement and test the necessary class hierarchy which realizes this scenario

Ok -- now lets see YOUR code to implement all that.