I have to take in a list of song names. When the user types in "mmm" then it stops, and it spits out the first and last song titles in a sorted list (alphabetically). This is what I came up with, and there's many an error, all seemingly bool errors.

So, any suggestions?

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

int main()
	string songTitles; 
	int songMax = 0;
	int songMin = 0;

	while (songTitles != "mmm")
		cout << "Please enter a song title: ";
		getline (cin, "songTitle")
			if (songTitles != "mmm")
				songTitles = songMin;
			if (songTitles < songMin && songTitles != "mmm")
				songTitles = songMin;

			if (songTitles > songMin && songTitles != "mmm")
				songTitles = songMax;

			if (songTitles > songMax && songTitles != "mmm")
				songTitles = songMax;

	cout << "First song: " << songMin;
	cout << "Last song: " << songMax;

	return 0;


How are the integers songMin and songMax going to hold the titles of the respective first and last titles?

Your branching code should be done as a series of if...else if statements - when any one of the three (not four) possible conditions is met, there's no point in continuing testing.

Look at the order of the assignments you make. Remember that Left hand side is assigned what's on the Right hand side. ( LHS <- RHS )

See my comments on min/max testing in an earlier thread.