Hi all,

In my MFC application I've create two buttons, OPEN and CLOSE, used to open a text file and close it. I do it as follows.

void CSRFToolDlg::OnBnClickedOpen()
	char* ReadFileName = "G:\\Work On\\CPP\\SRFTool\\text_file.txt" ; 

	if(openFile.Open(ReadFileName, CFile::modeCreate | CFile::modeReadWrite))
		AfxMessageBox("File creates successfully", MB_OK) ;
		AfxMessageBox("Error in file opening", MB_OK) ;

void CSRFToolDlg::OnBnClickedClose()
	openFile.Close() ;

What I want to do is, until user click the Open button the Close button should be disable. How should I do it. Those stuff really new for me.


This will disable the button CButton->EnableWindow(FALSE) .

Yep, but I want to disable it before click the Open button. That mean I want to use inside an event like form load. After all experiment I found that if I declare

GetDlgItem(IDC_CLOSE)->EnableWindow(FALSE) ;

line inside the


Actually it works. What's your comments on it.


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