i ned elp in using do while loop..

the program must be in like the username and the password..
when the pasword is incorect that you have already assigned it is backing into the beginning..
when the password is correct it ends..
the username is kulot
the pasword is 1234

sample output:

username: kulot
password: 1243
invalid password

username: kulot
password: 1234

cprintf("welcome to the turbo c");

thats all..
im am have a defense tomorow..
please help me asap..
or email me immediately the program using turbo c++..
more power...

pogijumar@yahoo.com is my email add..

The first thing you need to do is to draw a flow chart or write some pseudo code that explains how your problem might be solved.

Once you have that basic idea you can convert the flow chart or pseudo code into c++ rather trivially.