I want to create a pdf from excel sheet using visual basic 6.0. Can you people help me describing or sending me a ready codes regarding the same.
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Sayyad H.A.


try the below coding.

Public Function ConvertFile(strSourceFileName As String) As Boolean
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    Dim msExcel As Excel.Application
    Set msExcel = GetObject(Class:="Excel.Application")
    Dim p As String
    p = "Acrobat Distiller on Ne00:"
    msExcel.Visible = False
    msExcel.Workbooks.Open strSourceFileName
    strMenuFilePs = strSourceFileName
    msExcel.ActiveWorkbook.PrintOut ActivePrinter:=p, PrintToFile:=False, PrToFileName:=strMenuFilePs
    strMenuFilePDF = "c:\try.pdf"
    Dim myPDF As PdfDistiller
    Set myPDF = New PdfDistiller
    myPDF.FileToPDF strMenuFilePs, strMenuFilePDF, ""
    Set myPDF = Nothing
    msExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Close False
    ' Should check and quit excel when done
    Set msExcel = Nothing
    ConvertFile = True
Exit Function

    ' Create Excel for the first time if it is not active
    If Err.Number = 429 Then
        Set msExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
        Err.Clear ' Clear Err object in case error occurred.
    End If

    ' All other errors handled here
    If IsCriticalError Then
        ConvertFile = False
        Exit Function
    End If
End Function

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I have a VB script which saves worksheets as its own workbook. How could I get it to save it as a pdf? I'm using Adobe Acrobat Professional and its Reference Libraries.

Please help!

Sub Separate() 
Dim s as String, sh as worksheet 
For Each sh In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If sh.Visible Then 'ignores hidden sheets
s = "c:\Separated Sheets\" & sh.Name  'location and names of workbooks 
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=s 
Range("A1:IV5000").Copy  'selects all cells 
Range("A1").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues  'pastes values only 
Application.CutCopyMode = False 
Range("A1").Select 'this is just to take the cursor 
'back to the top to make that sheet a litte "cleaner" 
ActiveWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=True 
End If
Next sh 
End Sub

Im trying to automaically save an excel file to pdf file using visual basic. So, I will manually open the excel, upon opening the excel file, it will run code to calculate a daily totalizer(this I have functioning) as soon as this code finishes, I want the excel file to print/save to pdf and close. I apologize, I'm a bit of a beginner. thanks

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Have a look at THIS post discussing the same scenario...


Thanks for the advice and direction. I started a new thread for my question. I'm not sure how a person finds my new thread, short searching for it. I currently reviewing the post you forward the link on to me. thanks pbunkers

Its a pleasure. I'll have a look at your new post. It will be found under vb6 forum "Software Development/VB4/5/6".:)


Thanks for helping and yes, it is located under "Software Development/VB4/5/6". thanks pbunkers