a c program to convert lower case text to upper case using strlen ().
a c prog to arrange names in alphabetical orderusing strcpy ().
a c prog to check wether given number is prime or not.
to find length of sring without using library function.
to check wether etered string is a palindrome or not.

pls help me. as fast as possible. i'm waiting for reply.

OMG! you really must be a weirdo. Haven't you gone through the rest of the threads or something. And the questions above are the simplest in C, it's just common sense, if you don't hav that, come back here, and we'll make sure to laugh at ypu properly. ROFL Tsh.. tsh, Seriously get a life, and what's with the title, not only it's grammatically incorrect (Try using the spell checker >_> if your such a dope) but doesn't even tell anything about your problem.