Hello, I'm rather new to C# though I have extensive experience with C++. I need help displaying a couple XML documents that I've created on an ASP page. My intent is to display a table showing the contents of the XML document in table form initially. After that I want to be able to run a simple search on a field that returns a matches back also displayed in a table. I have roughly an idea which direction I want to go but I'm just not quite sure where to get started. I do believe I have to populate a grid or table but I'm not sure which one to use and how that would be displayed in my function.

Use XLINQ it'd help you a lot..

Most people don't have support for that yet ;)

If you're using ASP.NET, you'll likely want a GridView for your table, and an XmlDataSource for getting your data. If your data format doesn't line up well with how the XmlDataSource pulls it out by default, you can either create an XSL to convert between the XML and how it gets displayed, or you can write some XPath queries to build a data set programmatically and then bind to that. If by chance your server does support C# 3.0, then you should consider XLINQ.

Lets just keep in mind 3.0 is still beta, right? Why would you code on beta?

Infraction is right on the money