Hi All.

I've got a small App (VB.Net) that adds Files and Folders to a List and then uses a Do.. ..While Loop to copy each item in the list to a new Directory (not unlike a backup program).

I thought it would be good to add a ProgressBar to the Form :(

The Do.. ..While Loop executes so quickly that the ProgressBar cannot keep up, even though the .PerformStep() is called from within the Loop - any ideas?

I've tried adding .Refresh() and Application.DoEvents but they make no difference.

Hope someone can help,


Try using a timer control so that each time it ticks (you can set the tick interval in the properties) it makes it move

Hi, thanks for the reply.

If I use a timer how will it reflect the progress of files/folders copied? Do I turn the timer on and off from the Do.. ..While Loop?

Apologies if I sound daft but I'm pretty new to this.



The timer tick event should call the copy procedure.