This is just a general C++ question. For someone who has been working with C++ for a while now, my question is what are the best articles-books-anythings to read or do when starting out using C++ .
I have a new found passion for programming, and i just want to make sure that i start out the best way possible. Even just something fun to read about C++ or backround on it or anything at all would help


aright then thanx alot ill check out the tutorial right about now.........

I am not a pro too
but if you want to read a book to start ,I think "sams teach youself c++ in 21 days 4th edition"
is a good choice.
and also C++ Programming language 3rd edition (from: stroustrap author of c++) should be a good one, but I haven't read this one yet.

sweet man thanks alot for the advice.......funny thing is i bought sam's 2 days ago from barnes and noble just because i read the covers and whatnot and decided to give it a try. Gotta love Coincidental things like that......i've never heard of that other one by stroustrap but ill check it out

thanks again, Cody

Wow ,thats really cool ;)

I hope you to enjoy reading of this book and don't hesitate to ask us in your problems


aright cool thanx alot........nice first post quite informative, hope you stay on the forums

thanx again,

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