my problem is

I have socket between server and a client
the client sending data to the server, so the server respond to the client with the response
this my code for receive the response data
DataInputStream is = new DataInputStream(mySocket.getInputStream());
int rr;
int nn = is.available();
if(nn > 0)
byte[] bb = new byte[100000];
rr =; / / rr is Number of read bytes

look to the code, u can notice that i have 2 variables nn and rr
nn is the avialbe bytes in the InbutStream and
rr is the nubmer of byes did read from the InbutStream.

when i make a debug , nn = 8192 and rr = 22233 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

the question is HOW can I read _ALLl _ the received data from the InbutStream

waiting ur help