I am a beginner in c++ and i think i have learnt a little about how the program functions... I have been able to write programs that can run only in the DOS mode and i cant even write a windows application but i now understand the program a little.... I will like to take it a step further by learnin how to interact with hardwares like the disk drive ( CD-ROM) but i dont know what i need to do that... all i know is a little programming logic and i have reached the end of the textbook i am using....
I need a little help with my problem.. or if anyone has a better idea of what i can do next.... i would really appreciate it ..

Which operating system and compiler are you using?

thanks for yur concern, i am using windows XP and my compiler is VC++ 6.0, why does that matter anyway? i thought c++ is portable

>why does that matter anyway? i thought c++ is portable
C++ doesn't specify anything about hardware. When you step outside the bounds of the language definition, you lose the portability.