Write a program that reads an unspecified number of integers. Keep
of how many positive and how many negative numbers are entered. The
terminates when the user enters 0. Display the count and the average of
positive numbers and the count and the average of the negative numbers.
Print the averages as floating point numbers. Use Scanner to get input.

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DYOH (Do Your Own Homework).

If you have a specific question, about a specific part of code that you are having problems wih, then please, ask. BUT, we are NOT going to do YOUR homework for you.

I have done your homework for you. Please tell me where to send it so you can send it to your professor and get credit for something you didn't do.

kid can't even bother to think up original titles for his posts or to even attempt to hide the fact that he's a lazy no-do-good schoolkid who doesn't even know proper English.

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