thought i'd make a program for fun.. although to be safe im cutting it up into many forms to save room. Anyway doing this means im going to have to get alot of the variables from the forms back to the original page, and then back to a different form for calculations.

This is a bit beyond my ability. I'm really not sure how to go about getting variables to work with more then one form.

Oh and im using Visual Basic 2005 express edition... incase it matters.

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If I can remember correctly, you need to create a "Global" form-loader; it basically groups 'em all up into the same program and you can declare all variables in that global part of the code.

As for how to do it, I completely forgot; but maybe that could be some sort of initial direction as to what you're asking for.

Edit: Also, I think all variables declared in that function load when the program first starts up, so it might be best to keep form-specific variables on their own form functions, and only declare global variables in the global function. That is unless you want your program to take forever to initially load, and to use up a lot of RAM.


hmm that makes alot of sence.. it'll be a couple hours till i can try that out but it makes sence thanks.

yeah there's a few things i can leave to the forms themselves.. i kinda wanna hook it up to a MySQL database to but haven't learned how yet so i'm just gonna stick to what im working with now.


actually if i use a splash screen i don't think it'll matter if it take a little while to load. especially with computers these days it should load pretty fast anyway.

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