I'm well versed in creating a setup file in VB .NET, but am working in the older VB 6.0 on an older project I've been asked to maintain. How can I create a setup file in Visual Studio 6.0? Thanks in advance!

(More than a name; it's ... Dim screenname as string = "Halbo")

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In Visual Basic Tools, there is a tool for creating setup files.

Got it! Thanks!

hpw to creat setup file in visual basic ver 6

creat set file

Creating a setup file in VB 6.0

Please open you thread as New thread. Moreover you must explain your problem in detail.

Re: Creating a setup file in VB 6.0


Please read the posts above (and maybe our posting rules as well...). Create your own thread, tell us about the problem you're having by creating this and then we will answer. As long as it is here WITH other posters posts, nothing will be answered, point!

dear sir
I want make setup file in vb 6.0. i want my project name is multy software in one

@m008, if you would have read all the other posts on this thread you would have seen that at 6 SIX! other posts we have asked that a new thread must be opened before we will help.:)

Please open your own thread/question and we will answer from there.

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