I'm trying to write a program for a homework assignment and basically have no idea what to do now... if anyone could help me by pointing me in the right direction it would really help....

Write a C++ program that includes a function called "find_a()". This function will take a arbitrary input stream reference as a parameter, then read characters in from the stream until it finds an 'a'. The function should then return the number of characters read.

Your main function for this assignment only needs two lines of code:
cout find_a(cin);
return 0;

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honestly all i have is....

int main()
cout find_a(cin);
return 0;

im not very good with this


I also know that my input data type is char and my out data type is int...


Do you have a textbook ? Have you read it ? If not, why not. Read the Read Me threads at the top of this board and you will find lots of information that may help you.

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