i got a little question hope you guys can help out

i wanna copy a char array[8] to a 2D array , strcpy doesn't let me do it. how should i go about

char letter[8]="abcdefg";
char temp[10][2];

for(int i=0;i<10;i++)

how do i get extract all the letters into the 2D array ?
so that
etc... thanks !

copy it one letter at a time, like this and also the loop needs to stop when end-of-string null terminator is found in the letter array.

char letter[8]="abcdefg";
char temp[10][2] = {0};

for(int i=0; letter[i] != 0;i++)
   temp[i] = letter[i];

thanks but running the code would give incompatible assign types

temp[0] = letter; solves it =)

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