I have gotten a problem compiling. the program gives me an LNK2001 error so there seems to be a problem with my function but i cant seem to find it..i am posting part of the function that calls and the original function being called

void disp() 
    time_info start, end;
for (i=0;i<S;i++)
        cout<< "Your call " <<n<<" started at " <<time_and_date[i].start.hours<<":"

            <<"/" << time_and_date[i].start.year;
        cout<< " and ended at "<<time_and_date[i].end.hours<<":"<<time_and_date[i].end.minutes<<"/"
            << time_and_date[i].end.year<<endl<<endl;

        cout<< "The duration is " << hours[i] << " Hour(s) and " <<minutes[i] <<" Minutes"<<endl<<endl;




here is part of the function being called...the code is half because the procedure in the for loop is repeated for hours, days e.t.c

void time_increment(int& hours_count,int&minute_count, double& day_count,double& month_count,double& year_count,time_info& start, time_info& end) 

    if (!equality())
if (sec_count = 60)

Check your spelling, check the number of arguments, check the type of arguments, and if none of that works, make a tiny program that exhibits the problem so that we can actually compile and link it ourselves instead of trying to decipher the snippets that you think are relevant.

Are your variables:
doubles or ints? The function is expecting references to doubles, but by their names I'd expect the actual arguments to be declared as integers.

As Narue said, a full example of the problem would be helpful.


The whole code works well but when it is modularized that is when i get this error..

Well if you posted the actual error message, we can tell you what is missing, and where to start looking.

this is the error message i get

main.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl time_increment(int &,int &,double &,double &,double &,struct time_info &,struct time_info &)" (?time_increment@@YAXAAH0AAN11AAUtime_info@@2@Z)
Debug/main.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals
Error executing link.exe.

So is time_increment() in another source file, other than main.cpp ?
You need to make sure ALL the source files are listed in the project, otherwise they don't get compiled and linked together.

If it is in the project, then make sure it compiles without errors.
Perhaps even check that you haven't accidentally commented out the entire function.

For the third time, please post the code that shows all references to the function. Its prototype, its implementation, and where you call it, the declaration of the variables you pass as arguments. Without that information, we cannot help you. Other than to take pot shots in the dark, such as:

Check that the prototype and the implementation agree in the parameter list.
Check that you are sending variables of the correct types to the reference parameters.
Check that the phase of moon is correct for your compiler version.

apparently the problem was with the visual studio settings so it couldnt link