I am working in windows xp i want to create a java application that will go to our server which is linux server(Red hat) stablish a connection between both system.Login into the that system read a file do some operation execute some commands and take a file a send it to me back.My problem is that how i start that work means what i have to do and then how i login into the that system because i dont know how to execute commands (in java ) which is help me to directly login into to server(Our server is live server so i cannt make it java enable and also cannt deploye any application into the server.)So i am confuse how i will do all this operation.

With out Making server to be java enable.Tell me what to do?

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so you want to make a Java program that breaks into someone else's computer and takes over so you can run anything you want.

We're not fooled by your "our server" one bit. If it were your server and you'd have a need to you could get the admins to install whatever is needed there.

And no, we're not going to help you with that.

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