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i am a new commer.... any one solve my problem..... i have designed a form (LPO)in which it contains two panels. in that first one i put one combo box ie item code,which is alrady in the vendor master form. here in my lpo i chose vendor name it retrives the particular fields from the database what i have mentioned here.Lpo code is auto generated one.... now in the second panel i have item code and Same as its above + extra fielda i given are calculation field. so i have to save both lpo form in purchase table
and this item code detail in sub table. I want the save coading for this..... any one plz help........


Whats the problem storing the data to the database? U had placed the control in the panel thats all. The panel is the contrainer control which is used to place the multiple controls in it. U can directly call the control name to store the data in the database. To get the value from the controls and the panel is not related and not a problem.

U retrieving details from multiple tables and store it in the required field so u taking the value from the control only not from the database.

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