I have an interesting question. I have this C# Application and I need to generate a report. I want to be able to print the report or save it to a file. Unfortunately I don't want it to depend on a third party software ( Crystal Reports, MS Word, PDF ). The report has one image that must go with it and a table. If it didn't have the image I would just write to a .txt file. The only four ideas I can come up with is:

  1. Not possible
  2. Print document/report to an image
  3. Somehow use XML document
  4. Use the report viewer from .net

I have some experience with writing XML and HTML documents, but I have never used an XML document for a dataset. If I wanted to use the report viewer I would need to know what, and how to write a dataset. I also have worked with MS Access but I don't want to use third party software. The reason for that is I just want to install my software on a computer that will be there for at least the next 10 years. Can anyone help me?

Have you tried the richTextBox control? I did a proprietary database a while back and needed to print, and I used that. However it didn't contain images.

Well I never thought of doing something like that. But unfortunately it has to have the image. The image is a graph of the results and is very important.

you can try an see if the rich text box will take the images. What I meant was that my project didn't contain images (so I can't really say whether it will work or not)