I can't seem to get OleDb controls to show up in C# Express. Are they excluded for some reason? I have made sure they are selected in the "Choose Toolbox items..." dialog, where they are listed, but they don't appear anywhere on the toolbar.

I tried to add them to my project References list, but the namespaces is not exposed in that dialog either. The interesting part is that I can go ahead an use them in code so long as I add "using.System.Data.OleDb". Using them in code alone is a pain.

Does anyone know how to get them to the toolbar?

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yep. I think that you're right there. I'm pretty sure the data tools in the IDE are removed from the Express Edition...

But hey on the bright side-- at least you're getting really familiar with those controls, right? ;)


No, they are there, but they are in the Common Controls section instead of the data section. And, they seem to work just fine.

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