I was wondering if any one could help in my project work. I am developing an anti phishing project where in my application should be able to sense when the user has opened a browser? I am looking forward for a valuable answer from java professionals. I am developing my project using Netbeans 5.5. My application will run as an background process and it needs to sense when the user has opened a browser or when the user has entered an url and clicked Go and things like that. Hope you can help me out..

JNI, your only real hope. But, somehow, I get the feeling that his entire project is beyond you.

this is typically something you want to do in C or C++... And indeed, it is probably WAY beyond you.

i could actually finish the whole project but only point i got stuck is getting that browser detection. ok do you have any idea of how to place an application button in the browser's tool bar? like Other security softwares like MCafee

read the browser's plugin API documentation.