hello, I'm very very new at learning programming (actually this is just a hobby, I'm not a student) and want to start learning with assembly.

I bougt a book about assembly and try to understand it but I couldn't understand any word about it. :(

My book isn't including any example codes. So where will I find any simple examples. For example math routines; counting odd and even numbers or finding vowels in a sentence.. or I don't know, some simple codes like those...

I just want to understand :'( nearly got crazy but can't do anything :'(


and sorry, my English is not very well :(

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Which processor?

Being brand new, before tackling any examples you should spend some time getting to know what your processor can actually do, especially in the case of which flags are set or reset and by which instructions.

In any event for IA32, www.masm32.com has a complete package with lots of examples and tutorials.



:( so complicated... I read all of book; EAX, AX, MOV, JP.. or some things like those but couldn't understand. So I thought; if I found some examples, I could understand which code does which event...

Thanks Very Much for your answer

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