I think it would be easiest to use an array of chars. Say this for example (if it works)

     myEquation      : array[1..256] of char;
     Equ                 : string[255];
     my_file            :text;


assign(my_file, 'input.txt');
read(my_file, Equ);
myEquation := Equ


not sure if this helps at all, but that would atleast put my equation into the array and display the equation (had the writeln to make sure the equation was in the array)

Hey man, I totally appreciate all the help you've given me during this massive thread (and I have learnt stuff). But this assignment is due tomorrow, so I am just going to throw together what I have and hope for the best.

THe next assignment I have is the same concept but I am suppose to use linked lists as the main storage of the equation (records and arrays are allowed)

Ah well, sorry I didn't see this sooner. If it is due today then there's not much more to do here.

If all you wanted to do was store your equation as a string (an array of characters), then we've gone in loops for the wrong assignment.

All the stuff you've done helps, and will help you in your next assignment especially...

hello i'm a newbie in program things on computer and i am very stupid at this but it has my attention somehow and i come here to learn about it so i'm very appreciate you all. Please give me a hint from where i need to start. Very very grateful for your help. Thx a lot

don't know much of anything to say because i know almost nothing about this stuff and what do i need to study first? I know power point, Winword , Excel, Ms. Paint, etc but when i find out about this one then what i knew is all irrelevant. Where should i start first? I'm so confused

through all of the articals i read. Sounds like this website dont have much people using it. Am i talking to myself alone? Feel so empty

Please tell me that is not true. I'm feeling so depress

If someone still here out there please say something

If you posted a proper question, where it goes in an appropriate forum, rather than tagging apparently random thoughts onto a long dead (six years old) thread then you might get a better response...

That, plus you may want to have a little patience. Fora like this aren't IM or Twitter; they are more like email, where you might have to wait hours or even days before a response. OTOH, it also means that you aren't limited to 140 characters, so posts can be a good deal longer than on more rapid forms of communication. You should learn to take advantage of this, and stop posting one-line messages here.

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