Since I closed my thread, I will just open this new one for a comment.

I told you I had discovered an item in WinHelp called:

"Opening and displaying a bitmap file" If you want a laugh when you get
bored, pull that up and look it over. I wonder if Microsoft ever proof reads
their stuff before posting it. Somebody hit paste twice on that one.

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Just caught this...

Your documentation must be damaged. There is no error in what I have.
Where did you get your HLP files?

Like I said, mine are a bit old, but I can send it to you if you like.

Maybe Microsoft caught their error. I got my WinHlp as part of my Windows supplied with my computer. On my machine there is one copy of some code and then an exact duplicate of the same section. It is part of the code in the above snipit. It's not a problem for me, I merely mentioned it via thread in case someone read our threads and tried to copy and use the stuff with out looking closly at it.

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