i am a new user of this site ,i think its helpfull to knowmore about the subject,i want to know that how i can train my self in c++ for doing a projest, and what do all expect form doing a project in c++,kindly,give sujessions 4 me preparing a project

There are a couple of good books that I used. "C++ how to program" by Deitel & Deitel is a good one that I used when I started out. It has lots and lots of code examples in it an should take someone from an also complete beginner to a pretty good level.

You will also need some kind of compiler if you don't already. (You might already know all this stuff, but in case you don't) You can compile from the command line using the Gnu Compiler (gcc). If you're using Windows, then I'd recommend converting to Linux :-). If you're not up for that, then you can use a DOS port of gcc called djgpp to compile from the command line. If you want to get a bit more fancy and use an IDE for programming then (unless you're using Linux) you're probably going to have to start paying for stuff like Borland C++ or MS Visual Studio. I use KDevelop and Anjuta in Linux, which are both open source (of course).

For advice on the internet, I find that cplusplus.com generally is quite helpful for looking at little bits. Web searches of the form "c++ tutorial" will usually turn up a fair few good resources too. For a more serious attempt at learning c++ though, I'd go with a book of some sort.

If you're serious about trying to learn a programming language then the best way to do this is always by trying to actually build something. Just working through examples will not get you anywhere. There are two things that I will say here:

1. By aiming high in your project you will learn more.
2. Don't aim too high!

For a first project I like things like address books. You can make a simple address book program with very little c++ knowledge. However, you can also make an address book just about as fancy as you like (think MS Outlook :-) ).

I hope that's enough to get you going. Good luck!

Buy the c++ programming book by Bjarne Stroustrup. Read it for ten times, practice the exercises given, you will become a c++ expert.