hi i am a newbies in c program. I'm just 1st year college from the course of computer technology.i just want to know what was the purpose of flowcharting in a program.does it express an idea or a plan to make a program?. then what was the connection of these.?thaks

Yes, it's a plan. It's basically like a blueprint that you follow to actually write the program. It makes programming easier and faster.

thanks for answering my question. i have another question here. i just want to know what are the purposes of headers used in c program . like for example #include (utmp.h), etc..i just knew the standard header which is (stdio.h) and the other one are confusing on me. thankz

Don't spam the board with the same question multiple times. Once is enough.

oh..im verry sorry..it is not my intention anyway. its just an error while sending this message. bye the way. thanks again