i want to know what are the differences of different header and their uses or meaning when they will use in a program.i hope there is someone who can define their purpose. God blessed us.

Read your textbook. It's in there.

i am so sorry.friend im just studying at the public school and so, we dont have any book here that directly teaching about what i asked.so im hoping someone will show me those basic information about it. i already search in many different sites here posing the information about the difference of it but i found nothing. so i hoping that there is someone will waist time to explain it even in a simple way.

thaknz. i think it can give me some ideas about what im asking so far.thank for posting an idea for me.have a better luck and continue helping other who's dreaming to be a good programmer someday.

header files are somewhat like books -- they contain information about a specific topic. For example stdio.h contains information about files and the functions needed to create, read or write to them. As with a book library there are thousands of header files which are normally placed in a commin directory.

thank you for helping others whose dreaming to become a programmer someday. of course i' ve got an idea about my question.