Dear members,
I am self practicing C++ and I am interested to understand ADTs in C++. It became challenging to understand, but seems very interested. So for my clear understanding, I invite any member to assist me to understand the implementation of linked list using pointers in dynamic memory allocation in a very simple example of hospital system (just for my academic purpose). So the following is my problem of statement.

- A hospital has five Wards. Each ward has ten rooms. Each room has six beds. And each bed in each room has assigned a unique bed number.
- I need to keep two separate lists with the following information:
1. Admitted: Full Name, Age, Sex, Date Admitted, City, Telephone, and Remark
2.Treated: Full Name, Age, Sex, Date Sent Off, City, Telephone, and Remark
-A new admitted patient will be registered to his/her detail information on Admitted list
-A patient who gets treated and sent left the hospital has to deleted from the Admitted list and transferred to the Treated list
Based on the above info I need to create a linked list that perform the following operations:

-SearchName(): Given the Name, searches for the ward, room and bed number of the patient
-SearchBed(): Given the bed number, room, and ward, searches for the name of a patient
-IsFree(): Test whether a bed is free in a given ward and room.
-Transfer(): Transfers a patient to another given ward, room, and bed number, given the current ward, room, and bed number of the patient
-Admit(): Inserts all the required information about a patient when admitted
-Treated(): Makes a bed free after a patient is treated and sent off from the hospital; and delete from Admitted list and adds to the list of treated
-ListFree(): List all the free beds in the hospital
-SearchTreated(): Given the name, searches for a treated and sent off patient

Please provide me a source code for above requirements including all the necessary definitions using structured C++ program language in very simple way.

Thank you all!
Yesuf Adane

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Have you tried to do any of this yourself?

I'm going to let this one stay, only because you're saying you're doing this for your personal enrichment, and not some homework assignment. If you really want someone to help you out, why not get a start on the program, and then post some code that you've written?

Some ideas....

1) Have you thought about only one list where you just have a boolean saying whether they are in the hospital now or not? That way you could say "where is Mary Smith" and look in the one list.

2) The list should probably be persisted to disk so you can come back to the program each time someone new enteres or someone old exits the system.

3) You don't list 'bed number' in your things you want to save about each customer.

4) Is there anything special about the beds? Are they all the same? No emergency room or special care?

5) No accounting for hours of stay or costs associated :-)

6) Maybe a 'time in' and 'time out' on the records, so you know WHEN someone was there?

Sorry, just thinking out loud....

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