I am a newbie at coding C++. I have a program idea to make, like a audio media player or a DJ program...Kinda like windows media player and the others. If anyone could be able to help, that would be greatly appreciated.

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I just want some help.

Learn to crawl before you can walk. You have to learn the language before you can even think about undertaking such as huge project. The people who wrote those program have years and years of experience. You will only fail miserably if you try to copy it now.

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Sound advice indeed.

There are already so many softwares for it, what would be so special with yours ?

Correct. Also, you are very vague in your ideas.


C'mon, guys. Stop telling him it's impossible!

Ben, since you are new, you need a more detailed plan.
#1) How do you envision access to the music. Files on disk? Streams off web?
#1a) If files, for you know how to navigate a disk?
#1b) If streams, do you know how to connect to one?
#2) What formats are you going to support? Wav, MP3, Ogg, etc?
#3) What do you know about playing sound from C++?
#4) What do you know about reading music files/streams in C++?
#5) Console or GUI? I assume GUI. What have you done so far that's GUI-based?

These are just some basic questions you need to be able to answer... and program.


C'mon, guys. Stop telling him it's impossible!

Yes its impossible for a newbe.

My point is stop telling him it's impossible. Explain what he need to know to do it so he can start looking into the functionality. He can then tell that he's not ready yet.

There are ways to say no without dashing all hope... :icon_wink:

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good point :)
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