Hi to all, I have the following request/question:
I’ll tell my history: I’m working in a company like a C++ programmer (for almost a year), lately I feel like I’m not going forward professional talking. I’ll explain myself: I receive assignments like fix BUGS or write small functions in the projects.
I was wandering if you have ideas/tutorials/books you can recommend how I can improved my programming. I’m looking for something like a tutorial that will have a subject and then exercises and how to improve it. I know this will required for me a bigger effort to work and study in my free time, but I’ll willing to invest all my time to be a better programmer.
Thanks in advanced :?:

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First get a C++ book, preferably one that covers the C++ standard ... not a tutorial book .... more like one which covers the ISO C++, with all the details on various aspects of the language.

C++ Primer might be a good book if you just got you programming skills from a school.

That would probably give you some insight into the language and why things are they way they are and what can be expected in the future ....

From there you can look into the many APIs written for C++ and libraries .... these are there for every field you can think of... try a few, get involved in a few open source projects ... or atleast get familiar with a few, look in to cross-os C++ programming.

This should allow you to learn a lot, get exposed to various architectures, ways of coding etc etc and lead you to enlightenment.


>>I receive assignments like fix BUGS or write small functions in the projects.
Yup, that's the life of a programmer for the first 20 or so years. Much of the time is spent in program maintenance.